Creality 3D pen for kids - Rechargable

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【3D Printing Pen】: By heating and extruding the filament, 3D printing pen can draw a variety of plane, three-dimensional graphics. Suitable for children above age 6 and adults, it can stimulate children’s creativity, improve their spatial thinking.

【Easy to Use】: The 3D pen has only 4 buttons, easy to operate. Press the “Power Button” and start the print pen, after preheating, you can insert the filament into the pen hole, then press the “Feed-in Button” to start creating your artworks.

【Speed Control Key & Built-in Battery】: There are high and low 2 modes, default mode is the high speed mode. Built-in 500mAh lithium battery, 1 hour fast charging time, 60 minutes working time. Over-temperature protection, low voltage reminder.

【Safe for Children】: Adopts low temperature and eco-friendly 1.75mm PCL filament. Low temperature and not scald hands. After 5 minutes without any operation, the print pen will automatically return the filament and turn off power.

【Cute Appearance】: Made of high quality ABS material, durable to use.

Package includes 1 * 3D Pen,

1 * USB Cable,

1 * Transparent Board,

10 * Drawing Stencils,

20 * PCL Filaments(2 Meters * 8 Random Colors),

1 * User Manual.

Come on, let’s enjoy the 3D printing world!

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