Creality Hyper ABS - 1.75mm 1kg

Color: White
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Five Times Faster, More Efficient

By increasing the fluidity of common ABS materials, Hyper ABS makes 3D printing faster and more efficient, allowing you to create more pieces in the same amount of time.

High Impact Resistance

Hyper ABS has an impact strength of 19 kJ/m2, nearly double compared to PLA's 10 kJ/m2. Its printed models are stronger than PLA's and can be better used for printing parts in stressful environments.

High-temperature Resistance

The heat distortion temperature of Hyper ABS is 80 Celsius, which is 25 Celsius higher than that of common PLA and can be used in environments with higher temperature requirements.

Safer and More Environmentally Friendly

Hyper ABS is made from lower residual monomer materials and is formulated and manufactured to reduce volatiles from thermal decomposition to protect your health.

Make 3D Printing Much Easier

Hyper ABS can release stress well during the printing process, thus reducing the shrinkage rate of ABS. No need to close the cavity for printing, it can be successfully printed with common models, effectively avoiding problems such as cracking and warping.

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