Creality - SL1 Curing Machine

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The Creality SL1 curing machine is a curing machine for resin prints with an automatic, solar-powered turntable.

Large curing area

The maximum capacity of the device is 163 (D) * 166 (H) mm. With this, it can meet the curing requirements of LCD printers with 5.5 '' or 6 '' print size.

Viewing window

A dark brown, UV-resistant PC plate enables the user to observe the objects and reduces damage caused by UV light.

UV LED strips

3 integrated UV-LED strips from different angles, as well as 14 integrated UV-LED lights, ensure optimal curing.

Technical specifications

  • Nominal power → 15W
  • Wavelength → 405nm
  • Voltage → 110V / 220V 50 / 60Hz
  • Capacity → 163 * 166mm
  • External dimensions → 192 (L) * 196 (W) * 240 (H) mm
  • Net weight → 1.2KG
  • Turntable diameter → 90mm
  • Compatible resin printers → Creality LD002R, LD002H and other similar resin printers

Contents of delivery

  • 1x curing box
  • 1x turntable
  • 1x power adapter

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