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Shining 3D has engineered and developed EinScan SE (Elite) and EinScan-SP (Platinum), with unique different specifica­tions to meet most applications' requirement. Includes dual scan modes: Auto Scan and Fixad Scan. Manages a wide scan range from small to large. Scan in color, easy reconstruction of the real physics feature of an object.


The EinScan-SP is the next generation of EinScan-S with its new design and upgraded capacity. Model SP fills a product gap between the more basic EinScan-S model and the more advanced EinScan-Pro. EinScan-SP is both easy to use, but also delivers fast, high resolution and reliable 3D scan data, perfect for development engineers, designers and mechanical engineers. Some EinScan-SP features:

• Time needed for a single scan: 4 seconds

• Time needed for a 360° scan in Auto Scan mode: 1 minute

• Plug-and-play. Easy set-up with automated calibration

• Uses a safe structured white light, no laser or other light source that requires protection glasses

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