FLSUN - V400 - High speed delta 3D printer

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FLSUN - V400


Faster printing

V400 can print at impressively 400mm/s while still guaranteeing good printing quality due to a pre-installed full Klipper firmware. Klipper allows a first-class printing experience and ensures high user-friendliness - even via WiFi!

Compact Direct Drive Extruder

Many 3D printers are equipped with a Bowden extruder because it ensures high printing speeds and, in contrast to a direct drive extruder, applies less weight to the moving hot end. But Flsun has created something unique with the V400: the hotend and the extruder have been combined, resulting in a particularly compact and lightweight system. They probably succeed in bringing one of the lightest and at the same time fastest direct-drive extruders onto the market!

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