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Improved hardness and rigidity

PLA Carbon is a modified, PLA-based filament blended with carbon fibers which contributes to a considerably higher rigidity, hardness and tensile resistance, while retaining low shrinkage and very good adhesion to build platforms typical for the pure PLA. The 10% addition of carbon fibre enables you to obtain matte surfaces of printed items, which greatly improves the aesthetic properties of printed items.

Tip: Due to the essential content of chopped carbon fire, it is recommended to use nozzles with diameters exceeding the standard value of 0.4mm. The presence of carbon fibers may also cause wear of standard nozzles; thus it is recommended to use hardened steel or ruby nozzles for prolonged application of Spectrum Carbon PLA.


Technical data

Material: PLA
Available diameter: 1.75 [mm]
Available weight: 500 / 1000 [g]
Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.05 [mm]
Density: 1.30 [g/cm3]
Shrinkage: ~0 [%]
Verify your spool:
YES (course of diameter – online graph - on the entire length of the spool, mean diameter, ovality, standard deviation individually for each manufactured spool)

How to use

Nozzle temperature: 190-220°C
Bed temperature: 0-45°C
Heated chamber: Not required
Active cooling fan: up to 100%
Flowrate: 100-105%
Print speed: 40-70 mm/s
Retraction - direct: 1-3 mm
Retraction - bowden: 4-6 mm
Retraction speed: 25-45 mm/s

Material characteristics

  • improved hardness and rigidity as compared to the pure PLA
  • higher plasticization temperature
  • improved abrasion resistance
  • much higher compression resistance
  • good mechanical properties
  • high aesthetic, matte surface quality
  • no shrinkage after cooling


  • items which need to be very rigid and hard while maintaining dimensional accuracy
  • manufacturing of spacer components subject to static compressive loads
  • concept and demo prototyping of designed finished and semi-finished products
  • ornamental parts (aesthetic properties)
  • external structural components which emphasize the product
  • prototyping


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