Ultimaker PETG | 2.85mm | 750gr

Color: White
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Ultimaker PETG sets the standard for enterprise-grade industrial use. Available in a variety of colors – including translucent and fluorescent – it is perfectly suited for a wide range of use cases, thanks to properties such as good printability, toughness, chemical resistance, wear resistance, and temperature resistance. Easy to use, versatile, and scalable, Ultimaker PETG enables you to standardize the way you work and print to make it happen.




  • Ecosystem integration
  • Good printability
  • Multi-color
  • Tough
  • Wear resistant
  • Chemical resistant (lubricants, oils, alcohol)
  • Temperature resistant (up to 75°C)


It is compatible for dual extrusion with:

  • Ultimaker PVA
  • Ultimaker Breakaway



Manufacturing aids

In the color you want with the mechanical properties you need – Ultimaker PETG is the perfect solution to creating manufacturing aids that ensure efficiency, order, and safety in an industrial environment.


Parts for industrial use

Ultimaker PETG features chemical and temperature-resistant properties, making it an excellent candidate for creating parts meant to work hard in an industrial environment.


Functional prototypes

Easy printability and a balance between toughness, stiffness, and resistance to external influences mean you can design, test, and iterate functional prototypes that get the job done.

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