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Epoch-making Hyper Speed

With the breath-taking printing speed of 170mm/h the Halot-Mage Pro prints 3 to 5 times faster than the competition. Despite its printing speed, the Halot-Mage pro can guarantee high quality.

Self-developed Algorithms for High Speed

Advanced motor control algorithm, boosting the motor speed to 100mm/s. Support-adding algorithm of HALOT BOX, securing the model firmly. The high speed is well bolstered by algorithm.

Scale Up Production Like a Breeze

Miniatures, figurines, prototypes, jewelry, props, orthotics... All can be rapidly printed as the final product. Dozens of printers can be easily managed by one person*. More prolific than ever.

* This requires the multi-printers control function of HALOT BOX or Creality Cloud.

10.3’’ 8K LCD, Pro Results

HALOT-MAGE PRO uses an 8K(7680x4320) mono LCD featuring 29.7μm XY resolution, more refined and anti-aliasing than the 50μm of a regular 4K printer. The large LCD brings a generous 228x128x230mm build volume, giving you more space to create.

Integral Light Source 3.0

90%+ light uniformity, promising consistent quality regardless of where the print is placed on the build plate. 8000μw/cm² light intensity, curing a layer in 1s with standard 405nm resin. It creates smooth surfaces and crisp contours.

Magic Touch to Deliver Better and More

HALOT-MAGE PRO enables flawless print and hand-removable 0.1mm supports and allows users to print a bigger model or more models in one go. Great to inspire creativity.

*The print quality is better with Creality 8K high precision resin.

Powerful CPU and HALOT OS

HALOT-MAGE PRO adopts the self-developed HALOT OS. It features a straightforward UI, and syncs data and commands with PC, phone, and Creality Cloud. The high-performance CPU powers high-speed printing with ease.

Print and Monitor Anywhere with Smart Connectivity

Cloud Printing: Control or monitor remotely from Creality Cloud APP or WEB.

LAN Printing: Command from a PC (installed with HALOT BOX) on the same LAN.

Print via USB Drive: Import printable files from a USB drive for uninterrupted printing.

USB Camera (Optional): Plug in any USB camera for remote monitoring.

*HALOT-MAGE PRO can be connected to Creality Cloud or LAN via WiFi or RJ45 cable.

Game-changing Smart Resin Pump

HALOT-MAGE PRO comes with auto resin fill & withdrawal. It can refill or recover 1 liter of resin within half an hour. Less messing by hand, and much fewer splashes and stains. The feeding tube is free to stick into any container.

Smart Air Purifier

Powered and controlled via the printer directly, it includes a replaceable activated carbon filter that is 5.8 times larger than others. It absorbs irritant resin odor more efficiently. A vent hole is at its back to connect a vent tube.

*The carbon filter lasts about 3 months after each replacement.

Pro “MageArch” Flip Lid

The flip lid of HALOT-MAGE PRO is easy to open and close with one hand and needless to place aside. It is only 1/4 taller when opened, saving more room. The orange tint is practical to block 99.89% of ambient UV light for minimal interference. Rigid lines with subtle chamfering, strike stylish, simple, and sleek.

More Brilliant Details

Quick-release Build Plate: The clamping knob is at the front and needless to detach with the build plate. Also easier for model post-processing

Glass LCD Protector: Made of tempered glass, it holds well against scratches and resin leaks.

Wider Choice, Better Slicing

The self-developed HALOT BOX adopts a simpler workflow and includes many presets. HALOT-MAGE PRO is also compatible with other slicer software. And, with HALOT-MAGE PRO, you will get a one-year VIP of CHITUBOX Pro completely for free.

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