3D Printing Tool Kit

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Creality 3D Printer Tool Box Kit

The original toolbox kit from Creality with a good mechanical properties and high strength.


  • 18 tools in the kit: (Spade, Open-ended wrench, Φ 0.38mm needle, Feeler gauge, Φ 1.0mm needle, Pointed-nose pliers, Pincer pliers, Tubing cutter, SD reader, Cross socket wrench, The knife, Nippers, A screwdriver, Cross screwdriver M6 socket wrench, M8 socket wrench, Tweezers, Allen key )
  • Sturdy, standing wear and tear:The steel tool is made of 45 carbon steel, which has high strength and good mechanical properties.
  • A small box and convenient carrying:The toolbox with a small size adopts the foam to reduce the weight, which makes the box more light and convenient to carry.
  • High strength and good toughness: The toolbox is made of ABS material with a higher density. The ABS material has heat resistance, impact resistance, low-temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and electrical properties and stability, which makes the box more solid.

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