Creality Nebula Camera

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Nebula Camera Features

  • 24-hour real-time monitoring and night vision function: The camera allows you to monitor your printing progress in real-time, anytime, anywhere. Thanks to a built-in night vision function and a 940 nm infrared fill light, you can also enjoy your prints in night vision.
  • Time-lapse photography: Time-lapse photography allows you to capture the most exciting 3D printing moments and share them with others!
  • HD quality with manual focus: A manually adjustable focus lens allows the focal length to be adjusted to generate high-resolution image quality. Note: The lens is rotated manually.
  • Spaghetti detection against anomalies and material waste: While printing, Nebula continuously monitors for anomalies. If errors occur, printing is stopped to prevent material waste. You will be notified immediately by the system.
  • USB as interface: The camera connects to a 3D printer via a USB port.

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