Pinty Plus Chalk Spray - Cream (Stone Color)

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Pintyplus chalk finish spray paint, also known as chalk paint, is a spray paint used in the world of vintage or shabby chic decoration. It has a silky-looking matte finish in pastel tones. Ideal for decorative objects that you want to give an antique style. This chalk paint, or chalk effect, is formulated on a water basis and can be removed with water within the first 15 minutes. It is suitable for a multitude of surfaces including expanded polystyrene.


Pintyplus chalk paint allows you to decorate different surfaces to give them an antique or vintage look no matter what shape they have. The spray format allows you to reach places where the brush cannot reach very quickly and economically. It also avoids brush marks and allows you to make gradients very easily. Suitable for painting on wood, melamine, canvas, cardboard, cement, textiles, metals, expanded polystyrene and most plastics, among others. This versatility allows Pintyplus chalk to paint any object we have at home: from an old chest of drawers to a porcelain vase and give them that antique look that is sought with this type of paint. It is indicated for amateurs and professionals in the world of decoration and restoration, although our clients always surprise us with new applications.

Technical characteristics

  • Yield 520/400ml = 2 m2

  • Dry to the touch 10-20 minutes, total 1 hour.

  • Repainted with the same paint: 1 hour.

  • Repainted with another paint: 24 hours.

How to use.

Clean the surface to be painted well. It must be dry and free of any type of contaminant.

Shake the spray vigorously for 1 minute after the mixing balls sound.

Always paint with the spray vertically. Spray from a distance of approximately 25 cm. applying thin layers, first horizontally and then vertically. It is preferable to apply several thin coats rather than one thick one. Once dry, wipe with a cloth to remove any traces of chalk dust. It is also advisable to do it between layers to prevent the new layer from settling on non-adhered particles.

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