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PrimaValue PLA stands – like every PrimaValue filament – for affordable top quality PLA filament for your 3D printer. Create stunning objects with vibrant colors and superior material properties additively with PrimaValue PLA filament. Buy PLA filament cheap and start cheap 3D printing now.

Material Properties of PrimaValue PLA Filament:

  • High strength, easy 3D printing & cheap filament
  • Is available in a wide range of different powerful colors
  • Minimized warping tendency ensures top 3D printing results
  • Perfect for hobby applications, prototyping and low cost 3D printing

PLA filament has almost no warping tendency

PLA filament has very low warping tendency. 3D print with this material very easily and achieve good 3D printing results easily. PrimaValue PLA filament can be processed on 3D printers with & without heatable build platform.

If quality is important to you! Choose PrimaValue filament

  • PLA filament with good performance
  • Very good filament for everyday use
  • Features high strength, impressive color intensity and high durability

Good material quality

Only high quality materials are used for the production of PrimaValue PLA. PrimaValue PLA always has a perfect material diameter with low deviation. This is ensured by strict quality control and extensive material testing.

Practical PLA Filament

Filament from PrimaCreator is compatible with almost all 3D printers on the market today. The filament comes wound on a large diameter spool. This guarantees a smooth unwinding of the material.

Consistent diameter of 1.75 & 2.85 mm

The PLA filament has a consistent diameter with little variation. Strict quality control and extensive testing ensure this. It is available in diameters of 1.75 & 2.85 mm.

Tips for optimal Adhesion to the build platform

This PLA filament adheres very well to Magigoo adhesives, PEI(Ultem) printing pads, permanent printing plates, painters tape or to untreated glass plates. No actively heated build platform is required, but we recommend temperatures between 0 and 60 °C for optimum adhesion.

Economical thanks to higher material quality

Higher material quality results in less waste filament. This saves you time, money and nerves caused by failed 3D prints. Large production volumes ensure a lower price of PLA filament.


PrimaValue PLA filament has very good flow properties. Filament from PrimaCreator is compatible with almost all fused layer 3D printers on the market today.

Material Data:

  • Density: 1.24 g/cm³
  • Extruder/Nozzle temperature: 185-220 °C (recommended: 210 °C)
  • Bed temperature: 0 - 60 °C
  • Recommended processing speed: 35-80 mm/s
  • Fan speed: 85 - 100
  • Melting temperature: 210 °C ±10˚C
  • PLA filament is perfect for hobby, household & industrial applications for design prototypes.

• PrimaVALUE PLA Filament - When Quality and Price Count: Cheap yet high quality PLA filament for your 3D printer. 3D print fast, cheap and easy with your FFF / FDM 3D printer at home and in your business.
• Easy to work with, colorful and affordable, produce stunning 3D prints every day at a low cost with this PLA filament. Whether it's a 3D model, design concept, prototype or final part, PrimaVALUE PLA is the right choice for you.
• Precise diameter accuracy with low tolerance and deviation: Nozzle clogging is a thing of the past, today you can produce consistently trouble-free additive and free from clogging of your nozzle. Frustration-free 3D printing now
• Manufactured in Europe using the latest production technology guarantees high and constantly consistent material quality - For good 3D prints on any fused layer 3D printer.
• Included in delivery: 1 kg or 50g PrimaVALUE PLA filament (1.75 / 2.85 mm) on a black spool, Density: 1.24 g/cm³, Nozzle temperature: 185-220°C (recommended: 210 °C), Bed temperature: 0-60 °C, Recommended processing speed: 30-80 mm/s

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