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Color: Grey
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Sunlu PLA

Sunlu PLA filament is made of premium pla material (polylactic acid), which boasts complete biodgradation and lower melting temperature. With the Sunlu PLA filament there is no need for a heated bed and no odor during the printing.

Smooth Printing

SUNLU PLA prints smoothly, with high purity, low shrinkage and excellent layer adhesion for your printing project needs for higher tenacity functional parts.

Strict Quality Control

1.75mm Filament error is +0.02 Filament. Neatly arranged 100% tangle-free

Vacuum Sealed Packaging

The Sunlu filament is kept dry by air tight packaging so that each roll of filament arrives in the user's hands in perfect condition, Sunlu filament quality is consistent.

Compatible with Your Life

The filament is compatible with almost every FDM (FFF) printers, giving you endless possibilities to create art, DIY, and industry printing work.

Printing settings:

  • Print Temp: 200-230°C
  • Tolerance: ±0.02mm
  • Print Speed: 50-100mm/s
  • Platform Temp: Depends on the platform; No need or 60-80°C

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