Ultimaker TPU 95A | 2.85mm | 750gr

Color: White
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Highly versatile for industrial applications, TPU 95A (thermoplastic polyurethane) filament is the go-to choice for a wide array of manufacturing projects that demand the qualities of both rubber and plastic. Designed for 3D printing consistency, TPU 95A is a semi-flexible and chemical resistant filament with strong layer bonding. In addition, it is easier and faster to print than other TPU filaments.

Reasons to choose Ultimaker TPU 95A:

  • Exceptional wear and tear resistance

  • High impact strength

  • Shore-A hardness of 95

  • Up to 580% elongation at break

  • Good corrosion resistance to many common industrial oils and chemicals

  • Engineered for a fast and seamless 3D printing experience


Versatile and protective features of the Ultimaker TPU 95A can be used to conform to an existing part’s surface geometry or standalone component designs.


TPU 95A is perfect for 3D printing parts that must retain structural and surface characteristics while subjected to chemically harsh environments.


TPU 95A is versatile enough and suitable for direct-to-market 3D printing where functional prototypes and final products require the same engineering characteristics.

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