Wurth - Super Glue 50ml

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Will bond, steel, wood, cork, leather, cardboard and similar surfaces.

Relies less on surface moisture for cure speed than standard cyanoacrylates.

• Cyanoacrylate based glue for fast drying adhesion of rubber, plastic, i.e. uPVC and metal.
• Temperature resistance -60°C to +80°C.
• Good chemical resistance.
• Increased viscosity for ease of application on vertical surfaces

Directions of use: 

Bond speed is very fast so ensure that parts are properlyaligned before bonding.

Our Activator 893 30120 may be required if there are gaps or porous surfaces. Some plastics may require
application of Primer 8930915.

Ensure parts are clean, dry and free from oil and grease.

Product is normally hand applied from the bottle. Apply sparingly to one surface and press parts firmly together
until handling strength is achieved. As a general rule, as little cyanoacrylate as possible should be used – over application will result in slow cure speed and lower bond strength.

Other dispensing solutions are available in the range. 

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